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Welcome to AccelRute

Your Trusted IT Solutions Provider and Zoho Authorized Partner!

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What do we offer?

Zoho One

Tired of constantly juggling intricate, fragmented software solutions for your business? Zoho One's unified operating system streamlines processes effectively, letting you prioritize your goals.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator, renowned for its user-friendly interface, serves as a highly versatile low-code platform for crafting, building, and operating all the necessary business software you require.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM empowers exceptional customer experiences and drives remarkable growth. Made in India, a Madras-born SaaS solution trying to revolutionize customer relationship management.

Zoho People

Cloud HR software for nurturing employees, adapting swiftly, and optimizing Human Resources. Streamline operations, retain talent, prioritize experience, and build a top-tier workforce.

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Driving Innovation in IT Solutions

Empowering Businesses with AccelRute Technologies

  • Rapid Emergence: Since 2021, AccelRute Technologies has quickly established itself as an IT solutions trailblazer.
  • Strategic Reach: From our Coimbatore headquarters to dedicated support centers in Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi, India, we ensure widespread assistance.
  • Proven Expertise: With over eight years of experience, we specialize in cutting-edge SaaS products and customized application development for startups and SMEs, embodying innovation and excellence.
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Trusted Growth Partners with Zoho Expertise

Elevating Your Journey with AccelRute Technologies

  • Comprehensive Partnership: We go beyond service provision to be your committed growth collaborators.
  • Proven Excellence: Backed by Zoho, we deliver transparent, integrity-driven end-to-end solutions, setting benchmarks in the realm of trust among Indian Zoho Partners.
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Expanding Horizons with AccelRute's Diverse IT Proficiency

Crafting Solutions for Your Unique Vision

Custom Software Development:

  • Tailored Solutions: We create software that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.
  • Scalability: Our solutions evolve with your business demands.

SaaS App Development:

  • Efficiency Unleashed: We design SaaS applications that streamline processes and boost productivity.
  • User-Centric: Our apps are intuitive, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Custom ERP Development:

  • Integrated Solutions: Our custom ERPs consolidate operations, enhancing efficiency.
  • Adaptability: We build ERPs that adapt to changing business landscapes.

E-commerce Development:

  • Online Success: Our e-commerce solutions drive online business growth and customer engagement.
  • Secure Transactions: We prioritize robust security measures to safeguard transactions.
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